IEFT Concept

IEFT Concept

IEFT was founded in 2001 as an organization committed to bringing quality education providers together with motivated students and their families.  Our aim is to create greater visibility for the many “study abroad” options available around the globe. 

Every year, around 100,000 Turkish students choose to travel abroad for their education.  Turkey is a market that cannot be overlooked. And the IEFT exhibitions have proven to be the venue where prospective students and their families gather the valuable information required to make solid decisions for their futures.

In the changing economic climate, one thing remains consistent:  the need for international educational partnerships, opportunities and exposure.  Each year Turkey sees over a million and a half Turkish students competing for only 700,000 entrance positions in post secondary institutions.  Space restrictions in Turkey’s educational facilities are a major factor contributing to Turkey’s large education export.  This year, along with China and South Korea, Turkey was featured as one of the largest growing student markets, a market which IEFT is happy to be a part of.

IEFT Exhibitions bring you not only top Turkish students but also total support from our friendly and helpful IEFT team, an amazing social and cultural calendar of events and excellent branding in this exciting student market.  

As IEFT we have many international partners that support us in this arket to make a specialized country village such as; British Education Village, Education in the USA Village, Education in Canada Village (supported by Canadian Consulate General), Study in Australia illage (supported by Austrade), Study in France (supported by  ampusFrance), Study in Germany (supported by DAAD), Study in  Estonia, Study in Lithuania, Study in Sweden (supported by Swedish Institute), Study in Poland, Education in Ireland , Education Malaysia (supported by Consulate General of Malaysia) and etc. at the IEFT Exhibitions. Villages allow groups to successfully brand not only heir partner schools but also their countries.  IEFT guarantees support before, during and after the fairs!

IEFT’s Spring, Summer  and Fall circuits ensure optimal visitor attendance: The daylight hours are longer and the weather is pleasant; in March and April students are preparing for their next course of action for the summer and beyond; in October, new graduates will have recently found out their national exam standing (exam is in June but actual results and placement assignment in August), and are researching their options abroad.