Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

IEFT – International Education Fairs of Turkey – has been organizing fairs since 2001 and now has become the largest and most important education fair in the region. Each IEFT Fair is visited by around 20,000 students and their parents, all of whom are required to provide an area of interest and contact information before entering our fair. We now have the statistics of the students according to their interest, country, program, budget etc.  Students also have the option to share this information with our partner universities and sponsors. We are therefore  able to organize email blasts to targeted students in Turkey. Please contact us for details.

Web Banners

IEFT is very active in marketing our fairs through internet portals.  IEFT works with hundreds of local and national Turkish websites as well as Google, Facebook, etc.

Our IEFT student website ( attracts millions of potential students and parents before, during and after our IEFT fairs. Daily visits to our student website surpasses 50,000 in the five days leading up to our fairs, and in the two months before surpasses a million.

Because of this high traffic before, during and after our fairs , we offer web banners for interested institutions on our student site. We have limited web banner space so we kindly ask schools to book web banner ads as early as possible.