Organise Presentations

Organise Presentations

IEFT is Turkey’s leading international education exhibition company, founded in 2001 with the commitment to provide professionally-organized events which help create greater visibility for the many study options available around the globe.

IEFT organizes the largest education fair in Turkey twice a year, during the Spring and Fall. While we always recommend that you participate in our fairs, sometimes it is not possible for schools to attend these events because of scheduling or budget issues. For this reason, we believe IEFT Seminars are a good alternative and we believe having an individualized seminar for your school will help you to increase your visibility in the Turkish market.

The key to successful recruiting is the visibility of overseas institutions and their sharing of valuable information to prospective students. Many institutions that enjoy a high success rate in the Turkish market incorporate information seminars into their marketing trips. These seminars are arranged by us and conducted with the help of partner agencies. 

Possible Seminar Locations:

Partner Agency Offices : IEFT has more than 10 partner educational agencies. These agencies have main offices and branches all around Turkey, including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and many others. As the leading Education Counselling companies in Turkey, these offices are already very well known by the student’s schools you would like to target.

Hotels : IEFT already works with many 5-star Hotels in Turkey, such as the Istanbul Hilton, The Marmara Hotel, Izmir Hilton, and the Ankara Sheraton. All of these hotels have different size seminar rooms with all necessary equipment provided. These hotels are all very well known destinations by the targeted students.

High Schools and Universities : Organizing a focused seminar in a selected university is a good way to find prospective students. IEFT has organized seminars in some of the major universities and high schools in Istanbul and Ankara: Istanbul Technical University, Bogazici University, Bilkent University, Middle East Techical University, Galatasaray High School, Uskudar Amerikan High School, Istek Vakfı High Schools, Ekrem Elginkan High School, Terakki High Schools, Beyoglu Anatolian High School, among many others.

Working together on such co-operative projects will increase your visibility in this market; strengthen our partnership together; bring you closer to your prospective students, and ultimately increase the number of student enrolments to your institution via our partner agencies.

Seminar Packages include the following:                    

  • Seminar rooms which are able to accommodate from 50-400 people (Depending on expected turnout)
  • Coffee Break (with finger-food provided) (Optional Lunch or dinner is also available)
  • IEFT and Partner agency staff assistance throughout the seminars
  • Follow-up by partner agency to all students expressing an interest as a result of your visit
  • One full week of exclusive promotion of your school during the week :


- Mail shoot to targeted IEFT database (200,000 emails)
- Mail shoot to partner agencies student database
- Web banners on IEFT and partner agencies websites  
- Announcement to Facebook targeted groups
- A bulletin display at partner agencies that will feature your promotional materials such as posters, pennants, t-shirts, etc. 
-Informing students who will visit the partner agency office, starting one week prior to fair.
- TV and DVD players will be set up in our reception area to play a copy of your promotional video or DVD
-All the student computers will be opened with your website for 1 week at a time in partner agency

Cost of the Seminar : Please contact IEFT ( for pricing information.

The additional costs incurred would be: 

Any other promotional work (special rate available IEFT) such as : Newspaper ads,  internet banner ads, Google and Facebook ads, SMS blast, special flyer distribution at high school and universities, salon rental in the hotels and universities, inter-city fights and your out-of-pocket expenses. 

We gladly help to arrange your accommodation at a local price in any of the cities you visit. 

Before finalizing any of the plans, we will provide you an exact quote for any of the extras, so that you can budget accordingly. There are many options available for any budget.

We will make sure that you will get maximum benefit out of these seminars and we will work with you to suggest the best times of the year for your specific institution type according to the Turkish market.