12 Reasons to Participate in IEFT Fairs...

Villages allow groups to successfully brand not only their partner schools but also their countries...

1- Country Villages or Pavilions 

Villages allow groups to successfully brand not only their partner schools but also their countries. As IEFT we have many international partners that support us in this market to make a specialized country village such as; British Education Village, Education in the USA Village, Education in Canada Village (supported by Canadian Consulate General), Study in Australia Village (supported by Austrade), Study in France (supported by CampusFrance), Study in Germany (supported by DAAD), Study in Estonia, Study in Lithuania, Study in Sweden (supported by Swedish Institute), Study in Poland, Education in Ireland , Education Malaysia (supported by Consulate General of Malaysia) and etc. at the IEFT Exhibitions. 

2- Targeted Promotions and Advertisement of Fairs 

Because the IEFT Team has a lot of experience in International Education Marketing in Turkey, the team organizes the marketing of each IEFT event very carefully, and to a very targeted audience, creating a new marketing plan for each event. We are very careful to bring not only a large number of students, but also highly qualified students to our fairs. We do spend most part of our budget to promote to fairs to genuine students and their parents.

3- IEFTONLINE.COM Search Engine 

Around 2 months before the IEFT Fairs, all the schools’ study programs are going to be entered into IEFTONLINE.COM and will be online all year round in order to allow students to search your programs. Every student who visits IEFT Websites before the fair will see your full program details and will be able to search and apply to you directly or through your local agency. IEFT student website www.ieft.com.tr and www.ieftonline.com are visited by one million potential students before, during and after the fairs. Out of a million online visitors around 20,000 of them visit the IEFT Fairs personally. With our IEFTONLINE system the students will know everything about your school before visiting the fairs and you will have a chance to MEET well informed students at the fair. 

4- Quality Visitors, profiles and statistics 

Each IEFT Fair Tour is visited by around 20,000 students and their parents. The students are from very respected universities and high schools of Turkey. Also, because the events are hosted in the business and educational centers of each city we visit, IEFT Fairs are also visited by a number of young and experienced professionals looking for education opportunities abroad. High school and language programs along with Masters and PhD programs are represented proportionately to the program levels being sought by IEFT visitors. IEFT visitors statistics show us 45% of visitors looking for graduate studies, 38% undergraduate, 32 % language studies, 14% summer schools, 20% certificate and diploma and internship programs, and 5% high school programs. The countries are interest; Australia 25, Canada 32%, China 7%, Estonia 7%, France 11%, Ireland 8%, Italy15%, Germany 35%, The Netherlands 25, Malaysia 8%, New Zealand 8%, Russia 5%, Ukraine 8%, Spain 12%, Switzerland 8%, UK 64%, USA 60, Others 6% 

5- Seminars to the Students 

The seminars are an integral part of our IEFT fairs. We organize student seminars during our Istanbul in both sides, Ankara and Izmir fairs to give schools the opportunity to reach 20-50 motivated and interested students at the same time. The seminars are given free of charge (on a first-come, first-serve basis) and last approximately 30 minutes. 

6- Work with Local Counsellors and Educational Agents 

Link yourself with educational agents. If you would like to work with well-known and highly experienced educational agents in Turkey, we are very happy to connect you to them so that while you are in Turkey, you can visit their offices and train their counsellors. We have good relations and work closely with many agents. This service will be complimentary when booking our other services! 

7- Visit Schools and Universities 

If you want to visit some high schools or universities, we will be more than happy to give you selected schools’ updated contact details and try to get appointments for you. This service will be complimentary when booking our other services! 

8- Just Bring Yourself IEFT Will Take Care of the Rest Concept 

Just bring yourself to the 29th IEFT March Fairs! Rather than deal with shipping and customs costs that you may encounter by printing and sending from your home country, we’re happy to print any materials that you may need during our fairs here in Turkey. Simply send us a .pdf file of the materials you need and we’ll print them and deliver them to you at your booth during the IEFT Fairs in each city so you do not have to carry anything with you. 

9- Professional Booth Style Fair 

IEFT Fairs provides participants with professional, booth style stands (5m2 or 10m2) in Istanbul. This area allows you to hang posters, open banners and roll-ups, and have a more comfortable and professional area in which to speak to potential students. 

10- SocialActivities and Trips 

In addition to our recruitment fairs, IEFT also arranges a number of exciting free social activities throughout the fair tour so that participants have the opportunity to experience the beauty, culture and history of Turkey. Such as Istanbul tour, Istanbul boat cruise, ephesus tour, Turkish bath experience, and delicious dinners. Please see the details through http://ieft.net/content/fair/social_activities.aspx 

11- Value for Money 

Standard participation fees include: Standard booth in Istanbul and tables in other cities, chairs and whiteboard backdrop; attendance for two registered participants; lunches and refreshements on all exhibition days; free profile in fair guide; free 25-minute seminar time in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir venues (space limited); profile on IEFT student website; inter-city transportation of school materials; airport and hotel transfer for group intercity flights and coach trips; reduced rates at five-star venue hotels; special cultural excursions; and personalized and prompt service before, during and after the exhibitions. 

12- Hurriyet Newspaper International Education Supplement 

Hurriyet is offering special pricing to IEFT Participants for advertisements within the twelve-page color International Educational Supplement, which will be published to coincide with and be distributed at the IEFT Exhibition in March 2016. 500,000 copies of the Supplement will be printed and they will be distributed all over Turkey with the main newspaper. 

IEFT guarantees support before, during and after the fairs! Now is the perfect time to invest your time, energy and money in this exciting market with your best exhibition partner: IEFT International Education Fairs of Turkey to register please click.

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