Exhibitors Testimonials

• Neoma Business School (France) - Sihem BRIKCI
“Many thanks again for the fantastic organization of the event and the overall success of the fairs, I had a great time being a part of it.”

• University of Arizona (USA) - Alessandra Lizotte
‘‘Thank you so much for the amazing event & boat cruise! It was such a great experience & wonderful students. I plan on attending again!!!’’

• Semmelweis University (Hungary) - Gergely Agocs
‘‘The organization was one of the best I have seen so far.’’

• The Mill Hill Education Group (UK) - Emma Jennings
‘‘A very well-organized event with good quality meetings. It was a pleasure to attend.’’

• Thomas More University of Applied Sciences (Belgium) - Annik Schellens
‘‘Thank you for the splendid organization. Loved the dinner boat. 😊’’

• University of Windsor (Canada) - Bachar Louati
‘‘Everything was perfect!’’

• American University of the Caribbean, School of Medicine (USA) - Jennifer Stovall
‘‘Very well organized and great turnout.’’

• University of Humanities and Economy in Lodz (Poland) - Oktawia Braniewicz &
Bartłomiej Kowal
‘‘We’ll fly to IEFT 2025.’’

• Berlin International University of Applied Sciences (Germany) - Stefanie Pradel
‘‘Very well organized.’’

• University of Debrecen (Hungary)- Shadi Bahij
‘‘Great customer service, well-organized, friendly environment.’’

• Medical University of Plovdiv (Bulgaria) - Ekaterina Popmarinova
‘‘The organization and team are great!’’

• Kazimieras Simonavicius University (Lithuania)- Anastasiya Halaburda
‘‘Thank you so much! See you next time!’’

• SMK University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania) - Mehmet Recai Uygur & Dariana Kizim
‘‘Everything was excellent, no comment!!’’

• Saxion University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) - Artur Jarosiewicz
‘‘IEFT’ye evet!! 😊’’

• DIT- Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany) - Olha Boyko Barea
‘‘I really liked everything. I would love to join next year in many cities.’’

• Royal Holloway University of London (UK) - Shahmir Akram
‘‘This was my first time attending IEFT Fairs and I was super impressed at the organization and preparation of the events in Ankara and Istanbul. The team at IEFT are excellent at resolving issues and their overall friendliness to all university reps. The app is amazing and so useful- easy to scan details and store information. The venue/layout was perfect, thank you for making it easy for us to set up. Very helpful IEFT Staff/team.’’

• DAAD German Academic Exchange Service (Germany) - Jana Tubbesing
‘‘Thank you for everything 😊 It was a pleasure to participate in the IEFT - thank you for all your hard work in organising the event and for having us!’’

• University of Kent (UK) - Maria Bakali
‘‘Amazing organization! We were very well looked after!’’

• Veritas Academy Istanbul (International) - Şükrü Yiğit
‘‘Overall amazing service and organization! Thanks for all the effort.’’

• University of Roehampton (UK) - Tom Girandon
‘‘Great organization, great student profile and good attendance. Well organised event, would like to attend again in the future.’’

• Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary) - Zsolt Lesetár & Utku Kale
‘‘Thank you for the great and high-level organization.’’

• LSC Malta (Malta) - Kerem Kara
‘‘Perfect as always.’’

•EKA University of Applied Sciences (Latvia) - Natalia Rajoub
"Thank you for the great experience with your educaional fair and thank you for the great organisation!"

•LUT University (Finland) - Ilyes Boussoufa 
"Thanks a lot again for the very well organised fair. We are certainly looking forward to consolidate our presence in the Turkish market."

•Jönköping University (Sweden) - Jassim Sheikh
"Thank you and your team as always all went perfect! You all are awesome."

•Study in Poland (Poland) - Julia Lysik
"Thank you for great organization, we'll sure be getting back for next editions."

•Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) - Nora Varga
"Thank you for all your hard work Selime, they were excellent events!!"

•Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania) - Kristė Naraškevičiūtė
"We truly enjoyed our time at the fair, engaging with prospective students and enjoying a delightful boat dinner."

• Niagara College (Canada) - Diana Ryan
‘‘IEFT Fair is very well organized. Many thanks for the organization.’’

• Capilano University (Canada) - Mahi Mohammadi
‘‘Thanks for your hard working. Everything was well organized and it could not be better. Keep shining!’’

• Education USA (USA) - Güldenur Collins
‘‘Thank you. As always, it is great!’’

• St. Clair College (Canada) – Rakan Mehyar
‘‘Thank you to IEFT Team for managing and organizing this educational event.’’

• University of Economics Varna (Bulgaria)- Slavens Tsoneva
“Keep doing such a great job! Thank you very much for everything!”

• Algoma University (Canada) - Jaden Cerasuolo
‘‘Amazing work! Successful day.’’

• University of Debrecen (Hungary) - Shadi Bahij
‘‘Very professional staff, great organizing, solution-oriented.”

• Montclair State University (USA) -Barbara Heissenbuttel
‘‘You have been doing this so long you are the standard for international education fairs
worldwide! Thank you.’’

• Berkeley College (USA) - Nori Jaffer
‘‘The fairs were organized very well.”

• University of Galway (Ireland) - Niall Horan
‘‘Great staff and organization.’’

• Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (USA) - Bobby Branigan
‘‘Another successful event with the amazing IEFT team! Thank you for everything!’’

• Northwest Missouri State University (USA) - Erika Lees
‘‘Excellent fair as always from the communications leading up to the event, marketing,
organization, and the helpful IEFT staff.’’

• University of Szeged (Hungary) - Emilia Szörenyi
‘‘It is good to see that more and more prospectives speak good English and I am happy to see
that they or some of them know about Szeged.’’

• North Cedar Academy (USA) - Phil Huang
‘‘Pretty happy with the fair. It’s productive!’’

• University of Central Lancashire (UK) - Jenna-Lea Newson
‘‘Thank you for a well organized event!’’

• Study Group (UK) - Joshua Shepherd
‘‘Thank you all for your hard work and fair.’’

• Education in Ireland (Ireland) - Cara Edwards
‘‘Thanks again for arranging Education in Ireland’s participating at the IEFT Fairs last week.
Well done on a very successful event!’’

• The University of Nottingham (UK) - Kyri Protopapa
"Overall a good fair with some worthwhile leads and opportunities to connect especially with government sponsored students. Consistent flow of students who were well prepared to ask relevant questions. Thank you so much for having us at the IEFT fairs and for all your excellent organisation."

• SOAS University of London (UK) - Laura Connaway
“Excellent organisation and a good opportunity to connect with qualified students looking for PG study in particular. Hope to be able to attend again!”

• University of Colorado Boulder (USA) – Adeel Ahmed
“Thank you for organizing a wonderful tour of fairs in Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir these past two weeks! It was a very productive trip and we could not have done it without you.“

• University of Pisa (Italy) – Gemmy Diana Perilli
“The event in general represented one of the most worthwhile experience ever. My compliments again for the extraordinary organization and the success of the IEFT FAIR. Best wishes and hope to see you all of soon.”

• Henley Business School (UK) - Simi Chacko
“Very well organised & kept international standards!”

• Northwest Missouri State University (USA) - Erika Lees
“Great fair with many students!”

• University of Greenwich (UK) – Salima Odeh
“Thank you! Always a pleasure to attend the IEFT fairs. Very well organised event and glad to be a part of it. Hilton was a great location and food provided was very good.”

• Alexander College (Canada) - Gregory Pokorny
“Good organization and event.”

• Consulate General of Sweden, Istanbul / Study in Sweden (Sweden) - Sevin Yalcin 
“As always, a great event from a great team, well done! Thank you very much for everything.”

• University of Pecs (Hungary) - Levente Tyukodi
“That was my first fair in Turkey, and I thought it was very well-organized and well-managed. The hotels were a perfect choice. The tour in Istanbul and dinner were amazing experiences that I will always remember. Overall, it was a very well-organized fair, and I had a great time as an exhibitor.”

• Lazarski University (Poland) - Justyna Murawska-Singh
“I love the amount of work and heart team is putting so all will be perfect. I definitely will attend in future. Thank you IEFT team!”

• ETS Global, TOEFL – Ilayda Turhan
“From coffee break to lunch, from cocktails to gala dinner everything was amazing. Can’t wait to attend next time! Loved the whole organization!”

• University of Essex (UK) – Nura Shahin
“Amazing organization, thank you very much for the hardwork & looking forward to see you.”
• University of East Anglia (UK) - Ghaith Al-Qatarneh
“Everything was well organised, a very big thank you for IEFT Team! :)”           
• University of Twente - Faculty ITC (Netherlands) - Ivette Tamez
“It was a good mix of bachelor and masters.”
• Royal Holloway, University of London (UK) - Alice Crichton
“Great event and I’m grateful I had support to help with Turkish speakers.”
• PFH - Private University of Applied Sciences (Germany) – Elisa Oxe
“Event was very good.”
• Felician University (USA) - Necati Sozuoz
“Everything was excellent. Thanks!”
• LaSalle College International (Canada) - Yeliz Karaman
“Thank you very much!”
• Thames Valley District School Board (Canada) – Sarah Leeming
“My translator provided by IEFT was excellent. The event was well organized.”
• Cornerstone International Community College of Canada (Canada) – Talatcan Uysal
“It was a fantastic experience for us and a pleasure to work together with IEFT team!”
• Life University (USA) – Sairagul Matikeeva Kinney
“Everything was great.”
• New York Institute of Technology (USA) - Burcu Yılmaz Güneş
“I am really glad to attend IEFT and meet the Turkish students in person. Hope to see you on the next fall again.”
• Pace University (USA) - Freddy Cicchetti
“Thank you IEFT!”
• Bodwell High School (Canada) - Terry Engel
“The team is great! Thank you so much!”
• University of Surrey (UK) - Sharath Meppallil
“Overall, well organized.”
• ETS Global, TOEFL – İlayda Turhan
“I’m glad to have met IEFT people and can’t wait for the next event!”
• Navitas Europe (Germany-The Netherlands) - Saliha Cetebozan
“Thank you so much to IEFT Team. It was one of the best IEFT fairs for Navitas Europe.”
• British Council IELTS (International) – Bahar Emanet, Melis Dilara Hız
“Thank you for your valuable effort.”

• Tio University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands) - Femke Van Den Berk
“Thank you for the organization and showing us your beautiful Istanbul. The organisation was great, the venue and the food as well! We did get some good leads. We are looking forward to working together again in the future.”

• Lazarski University (Poland) - Justyna Murawska
“IEFT is the best fairs in Turkey.”

• Jacobs University (Germany) - Ekaterina Marsanova
“Thank you for all support and good events. We will see you again.”

• Emlyon Business School (France) - Charlotte Guirao-Cassin
“Great event and organization!”

• Middle Tennesse State University (USA) – John Wilson
“Really excellent customer service from the IEFT Team. Very attentive to my needs. High quality students. Excellent organization. Very pleased with all the attention and the detail.”

• University of Plymouth (UK) - Joshua Burt
“The event was well organized and both of the evening events were a lot of fun.”

• Newcastle University (UK)- Stephen North
“Really good to be back in person in Turkey.”

• University of Kent (UK) - Emma Spittles
“Organisation was great, IEFT team vert supportive throughout.”

• University of Essex (UK) - Keeley Alvarez
“It has been a great fair for us!”

• ETS TOEFL (International) - Joanna Wrzesinska
“Great staff and over all organisation.”

• University of Economics Varna (Bulgaria)- Evgeni Raychev
“We liked everyone from the staff. All of them are GREAT. The social activities in each city were wonderful!”

• Study Maryland (USA) - Heidi Russell Kalkofen
“Thank you for everything! I learned so much to shrae with the Consortium. Great events!”

• University of Bradford (UK) - Fahd Asif
“Really happy with the fair, good traffic and quality.”

• Western University (Canada) - Furat Al-Mansour 
“It was well organized and organizers were so kind and professional.”

• Conestoga College (Canada) - Adis Medanhodzic
“Excellent fair and very well organized, IEFT team was great.”

• University of Kent (UK) - Carla Morris
“I just wanted to say thanks for a great fair. Really well organised and everyone was very  helpful! Many thanks!”

• SRH University Heidelberg (Germany) - Stephanie Farrar
“Thank you IEFT International Education Fairs of Turkey for a wonderful week of events! Hope to see you again in next year!”

• Leiden University (The Netherlands) - Sheena Bruce 
“Thank you for another great fair we had a good productive time with you all. Hope to be back next year.”

• Study in Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic) - Erika Lahka
“Everything was great. Thank you.”

• University of Wyoming (USA) - Julie Sheldon
“The fair was well organized and student traffic was plentiful. All IEFT staff was very helpful. Social event was very fun.”

• Simon Fraser University (Canada) -  Jacqueline Sinclair   
“As always a wonderful time, so busy, constant stream or interesting of interetested identical students.  Once again I have had a wonderful experience. Thank you.”

• University of Szeged (Hungary) - Leona Jerney Dr.
“Thank you very much for everything, i think this fair was really useful to us! The boat trip was pretty awesome, thank you very much for it. Every IEFT team member was so kind and helpful. I couldn’t say thank you enough.”

• King's College London (UK) - Olga Edwards
 “Impressed! Well done!”

• University of Greenwich (UK) - Helen Mc Cormack 
“The IEFT team have been brilliant, so helpful. Can’t wait until then next one.”

• University of Alabama (USA) - Susan Carvalho 
“We talked with many excellent students. Smart App worked perfectly. I will come back next year.”

• New York Institute of Technology (USA) - Nichole Barbé 
“I wanted to thank you again for such a great fair”

• Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada) - Terri Flanagan 
“Great support even at the last minute. Your team is great!”

• Brunel University (UK) - Charlie Taylor 
“Great Job IEFT! Good turnout of students. Thanks for everything!”

• University of California, Riverside (USA) - Guilherme Almeida
“Great Fair! Congratulation!”

• National Institute for International Education (South Korea) - James Chung
“I really thank you for what you have done for us in Turkey. It was wonderfully and successful fair thanks to you and your team.”

• Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, (South Korea) - Jeangyum Yang
Thank you for giving us these special time and moments with students. We are really satisfied with the service and other things.”

• Seoul National University of Science and Technology (South Korea) - Heejin Shin
“I would like to thank you again for the wonderful experience with 2018 IEFT. SeoulTech has met many bright, promising Turkish students and hope to continue on this fruitful meeting.”

• Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Germany) - Jana Rosenbusch 
“Thank you again for a wonderful organized exhibition in Istanbul.”

• Malmö University (Sweden) - Anna Ulstrup 
“Thank you for an extremely well planned fair, it was a great experience!”

• Salford University (UK) - Neil Robinson and Nick Croft 
“It’s great to be back after 3 years. Thanks to all IEFT staff! Excellent as always!”

• University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (USA) - Steven Shaw
“As always, IEFT was well organized. Good students. Good crowd. I’m always pleased to meet excellent students and their parents. Good Job!”

• SOAS, University of London (UK) - David Fisher
“Thank you for all your hard work!”

• University of Lincoln (UK) - Laura McCarthy
“We also want to thankful IEFT team for support and for the good organization of the fair. 

• University of Delaware (UK) - Amanda Stevens 
“Just to say thank you so much for all your organization at the recent fairs. I attended Ankara and Istanbul, which were both excellent. And the evening dinners were very good, thank you.”

• University of Pennsylvania (USA) - Nora Lewis 
“Again the best fair I have been to. The team (IEFT) is great. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Super organization.”

• University of Hertfordshire (UK) - Michele Raimondo 
“I am very happy with IEFT and thank you.”

• Western University (Canada) - Matt Bazely 
“Very well organized, happy with the traffic, pleasant staff.”

• Capilano University (Canada) - Gary Henkelmann
“I think IEFT does a great job on these fairs (compared to fairs in many other countries). Attention to detail is very important and IEFT does this. Keep it up.”

• Full Sail University (USA) - Valeriana Daily 
“Staff was really friendly and attentive great customer service and organization.”

• California State University, Chico (USA) - Katherine Punteney  
“Excellent support for exhibitors; very professional and personal staff. Thank you!! I was impressed by the level of organization of all aspects of the fairs.”

• University of Central Oklahama (USA) - Ron Paddack
“I reiterate how impressed I was with the very professional organization of the IEFT Fair.”

• Iowa State University (USA) - Ann Gogerty
“Thanks a lot as well again from my side for organizing such a wonderful fair. I really enjoyed it, and our table kept being very busy all the time with mostly serious and interested students. I am hopeful and confident that many of them will translate into bookings!”

• Fairleigh Dickinson University (USA) - Barbara Heissenbuttel 
“I was pleased by the amount of students many spoke English I will recommend returning next year.”

• Bucks New University (UK) - Helen Lock
“Professional event with lots of students !” 

• State University of New York at Fredonia (USA) - Paul Starcher
 “You all did a fantastic job!!!”

• Mill Hill International (UK) - Maria De Aveiro Fernandez 
“Very good event & a lot of families were interested in high school. Overall good event & great organization.”

• Marketing English in Ireland (Ireland) - David O'Grady 
“I thought everything about the event was excellent.”

• Trine University (USA) - Sarah Algaradi
“I would like to Thank you for the great fair you have planned, I really enjoyed working with you and visiting Turkey for the first time; I love it.”

• Study Group (Australia) - Julia Dudnik 
“I would like to thank you for the all arrangements and amazing fair.”

• Kingsley School (UK) - Joe Knight 
“I feel that there is definitely a market to explore greater in Turkey, and we would be interested in any further events that you are hosting.”

• Emerald Cultural Institute (Ireland) - JP O Sullivan
“Amazing fair ! Great to be with IEFT.”

• Telecom Ecole de Management (France) - Marie-Christine Florido 
“We enjoyed our time in Turkey. The fairs were very well organized en we met many kind and polite Turkish students.  We look forward to see some of them at our Business School in Rotterdam.  Thank you again for the wonderful days we passed in Turkey.”

• Rotterdam Business School (The Netherlands) - Kees and Johanna Minnis 
“Well done to you and your team for a fantastic Fair.  I would expect we will be there next year.”

• Aberystwyth University (UK) - Ruth Owen 
“Thank you every so much for your amazing help and support during the IEFT fairs.  I truly enjoyed it.  So far this is the best organized fair that I’ve been to.  Everything was great.  The fair was extra busy and I met really interesting and potential students.  I wanted to thank you for all your help and hospitality – it was an amazing experience and I love Turkey even more now!”

• AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland) - Karolina Andrzejewska 
“Thank you very much for your engagement in the fair. It was as always very-well organized. The atmosphere was amazing. I do hope we will participate in the IEFT fall fair, either within some organization like Study in Poland or individually.”

• National Research University Higher School of Economics (Russia) - Shivleta Tagirova 
“After exhibition i would like to thank You for everything. It was really nice to participate in this event.”

• University Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)- Emir Tahirovic
“It was very nice and successful fair. Staff was very friendly and hope to see you next year.”

• Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia) - Anjelika Kior
“We really enjoyed much and grateful to all team for its friend assistance and high level organization! I suppose we will participate in October fair!”

• Study in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) - Alexandra Ahmed 
“A great event – very busy!  Boat cruise was lots of fun.  English UK looks forward to working with you in the future!  Congratulations on a successful event.”

• Aalto University (Finland) - Saila Kurtbay and Saara Sokolnicki 
“IEFT was good! Thank you!”

• Study in Lithuania (Lithuania) - Agne Narvilaite
“Everything was organized very well.  I wish You all the best and i hope we will meet in the nearest future.”

• Education USA (USA) - Christopher Medalis 
“There were many well-prepared, serious students, which is nice to see!”

• Advantage Austria (Austria) - Gabriele Haselsberger 
“Thanks again for your support and the great organization of IEFT spring fair!”

• Collegium Civitas University (Poland) - Olga Vyshnevska 
“I just want to say thank you so much for the professional organization and the wonderful atmosphere during IEFT this year. Our university was happy to take part in these fairs.”

• International School of Law and Business (Lithuania) - Darius Ivoska 
“The best impressions and feelings that could be on a business trip."

• Brooks Institute (USA) - Gail Fisher 
“Very well organized and very professional.”

• Eastern Illinois University (USA) - Bill Elliott 
“Wonderful job! Best fair organization I’ve seen in many years. Thank you for all your help and coordination of such a successful event.”

• Hammersmith and West London College (UK) - Jelena Culum  Ealing 
“Again a great job!”

• Golden Gate University (USA) - Steven Thewlis    
“Professional organization and very clear programme about exhibition.”

• Network “n+I” Engineering Institutes (France) - Laurence Achimsky
“You all do an excellent job with your great communication-especially flexible with participant needs! Tesekkur ederim. Thank you!” 

• South Seattle Community College (USA) - Kathleen Kwilinski 
“Fantastic fair!!”

• Burgundy School of Business (France) - Jerome Lafazan
 “Thank you for the great organization in Turkey. I’m really pleased to have met you during the Fair and I also appreciated the sequence of events during my stay in Turkey.  This trip has offered me the occasion to have a better experience on International exchange and in the knowledge of the different Universities.”

• Business School Notenboom (The Netherlands) - Nils Visser
“I have been doing recruitments trips for 28 years so I have much room for comparison. This was the best organized...Attendance indicates that IEFT did a good job of advertising. I am often asked about fairs by other schools who know my extensive travel. I will heartily recommend IEFT. Hope (IEFT) keeps in touch with me for future fairs.’

• Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia) - H.P.Davis
“As always, an excellent series of events. Fairs and logistics were well-organized. Attendance was excellent and the quality of students was very good.”