How to Succeed in the Turkish Student Market

In Eight Steps: How to Succeed in the Turkish Student Market

Recruit in Turkey with IEFT-International Education Fairs and Turkish Student Magazine!

IEFT- International Education Fairs of Turkey and Turkish Student Magazine, are combining efforts, once again, to serve you better in the Turkish Student Market. IEFT is organizing the 30th IEFT Fairs in October 2016. Turkish Student Magazine is going to publish its 19th edition with the Fall issue in October 2016

A successful marketing plan requires different activities, such as participating in fairs, advertising in magazines, placing banners on relevant websites, organizing social media campaigns, visiting and training education agents, visiting high schools and universities, giving seminars directly to students, translating and printing your materials in-country, etc. Since both IEFT and Turkish Student Magazine have well-experienced and professional teams, we will be happy to offer you all of the above services.

Aside from the popular IEFT Fairs and Turkish Student Magazine, we are very active on the internet and social media. Our websites and are visited by thousands of students a month, with particularly heavy volume before and during the IEFT fairs and the issue releases of Turkish Student Magazine. We also have a professional social media team as well as strong links with Turkish educational counselors , agents, local high schools and universities.

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of our services. Mix and match to suit your needs and budget, and contact us for package pricing. We are here to help you success in the Turkish market.

Participate in the IEFT Fairs 3 days in Istanbul, and one day each in Ankara, Izmir and Bursa; The fairs will run October 23-30 and you can join all the tour or just the cities you wish to attend. The prices of the fairs are:

Click here to register;

Take part in Turkish Student Magazine and Website. The magazine is published twice a year - in Spring and Fall - and the next issue will be printed in October and distributed for free at IEFT fairs, and through other channels, as you can view at

Early bird - August 1 - %10 discount
Full page 2500 USD
Half page 1300 USD
Quarter page 700 USD

Link yourself with educational agents. If you would like to work with well-known and highly experienced educational agents in Turkey, we are very happy to connect you to them so that while you are in Turkey, you can visit their offices and train their counsellors. We have good relations and work closely with many agents. This service will be complimentary when booking our other services!

If you want to visit some high schools or universities, we will be more than happy to give you selected schools’ updated contact details and try to get appointments for you. This service will be complimentary when booking our other services!

We are happy to launch a new project named IEFT. The system called IEFTONLINE.COM is in cooperation with DreamAPPLY. The system will allow Turkish Students to search the universities online before, during and after IEFT Fairs and universities can collect their leads in an online system and directly get in contact with them during or after the fair. All IEFT participants’ study programs are already entered into IEFTONLINE.COM. The system is free of charge and you will get leads all year around. You can also additionally promote your institution and Both websites have excellent traffic from Turkish students; the IEFT website is particularly high-volume in the four weeks before the fair circuit. Also, the Turkish Student website is visited all year round as a full information source for students. Especially it is a good idea to be on-line before and after the fairs, as both sites are heavily promoted in the magazine and at the fairs. Please contact TSM on to learn about our reasonable rates.

Promote your school through our social media groups. IEFT and Turkish Student media have active twitter and facebook accounts. Each one has thousands of followers, so we will promote your school before you come to Turkey. Social media exposure will be complimentary when booking our other services!

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Half an hour seminar in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir; We believe IEFT Seminars are an excellent way to reach a larger audience and increase both the interest and visibility of your institution. This service will be complimentary when booking our other services - based on availability!

Translating and printing your brochures as well as distributing them on your behalf in Turkey is another ongoing service we offer as well as organising your booth design for the fair, banners, promotional items, posters, etc. Please ask for quote for these services at

We believe that if we work closely to organise the above comprehensive marketing plan, you will experience greater success in your recruitment from Turkey. As the IEFT and TSM team, we are always ready to cooperate with you in the Turkish market. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing you in Turkey!

Best Wishes.

IEFT and TSM Team!