We are happy to launch a new project named IEFT. The system called IEFTONLINE.COM is in cooperation with DreamAPPLY. The system will allow Turkish Students to search the universities online before, during and after IEFT Fairs and universities can collect their leads in an online system and directly get in contact with them during or after the fair. Every University or College attending to the IEFT fairs are already in our online search system.

All IEFT participants’ study programs are already entered into IEFTONLINE.COM and they will be online all year in order to allow students to search all year round.  Every student who visits IEFT Websites before the fair will see universities full program details and will be able to take all information through it. IEFT student website and are visited by one million potential students before, during and after the fairs.  Out of a million online visitors around 20,000 of them visit the IEFT Fairs personally. With our online admission system the students will know everything about your university before visiting the fairs and you will have a chance to meet well informed students at the fair.

We also launch a KIOSK System at the fairs that allow you to enter each students data into the IEFTONLINE DreamAPPLY database and afterwards set up and automatic communication with your leads.

The KIOSK system allows you to collect electronically student contacts at study fairs into DreamApply system and afterwards set up an automatic communication with your leads. Here is an example how KIOSK can save time and make follow-ups quicker and more effective:

-Install KIOSK system into your tablet (iPad or Android).
-Find KIOSK in marketing menu of you DreamApply.
-Collect the leads on the fair with tablet.
-Send the collected leads with one click into DreamApply system.
-Create a welcome e-mail to your leads with further information.


1) What are the benefits of the system?
·         You will be joining an online search system free of charge
·         You will get leads through the system all year round
·         Our team will be able to enter all of your university and  programs details free of charge into the system

2) Do I have to pay to use
·    No, all services of are entirely free for IEFT participants as long as you attend IEFT Fairs once a year

3) How do I sign up to
·    Go to our home page and simply click to register your university or college
·    You will be directed to our registration page where you will be asked to fill out a few simple questions, such us your university name, location, programs etc
·    Submit the form and that’s it. Or…
The universities and colleges who are registered with IEFT Fairs in Turkey will automatically be entered into the system free of charge. You will be given a username and password and if you want you can enter your school details otherwise our team will to do it for you

4) Who is going to enter the information on our school and its programs?
·     Either you can enter it yourself by using your username and password or our IEFTONLINE Team will do it for you and you will check if its correct and then it will go online for students information.

5) How are we going to promote this  system to the Turkish Students?
As we mentioned before IEFT Fairs websites visited by almost a million potential students and IEFT Fairs are itself attended by around 20,000 students personally so you will be reaching all those students. Apart from IEFT Fairs we will conduct the following marketing activities to promote the system;
·     Online promotion; google, facebook, twitter and other social media. Also the well-known websites and portals in Turkey
·     A flier is printed and distributed to Turkish universities and high schools
·     We will have information seminars  how to apply to overseas universities
·     We will give open air marketing such as university campuses, metro stations etc.

6) How long will my university be kept in the system?
·     As long as you attend IEFT Fairs once a year we will update your free membership in the system and update your information.

7) How many applications can I have per year form Turkey through IEFTONLINE Dream APPLY?
·     It depends on how popular your university, and  its departments and programs. However, the current system used by DREAM APPLY Average over are 100 per year. Some universities have over 1000 applications in the system. As you know IEFT Fairs are visited year around with 20,000 people and the IEFT.COM.TR and IEFTONLINE.COM are visited by almost a million people so we believe each school attending the IEFT fairs will have enough applications through the system.

8) Am I going to be charged any referral fees?
·     As long as you attend IEFT Fairs once a year you are not going to be charged. Basically you will get minimum 100 max 1000 Turkish Students applications without paying any referral fee. The only fee you will pay is to attend the IEFT Fairs once a year.

9) I work with an agent or counselor in Turkey so I want my agent to handle my applications is it possible?
·    YES absolutely no problem. We will give your username and password to your agent as well so they can handle it on behalf of you and you can sort the financial issues with your agent.